Guide to Professional Dog Walking

Dog Walking BookFilled with timeless advice!

Have you just started or are thinking of starting a dog walking or dog boarding business? You should know what to expect! Here is a book for you:“The Face in the Window – A Guide to Professional Dog Walking”, written by Dianne Eibner.

The Face in the Window, First Edition was nominated for “Best Short Book” by The Dog Writers Association of America.

The Face in the Window, Second Edition is now available at $20.00 (including tax and shipping in Canada). Orders are being taken now! Contact Dianne at: 1-800-275-0910, or e-mail You can also pay by PayPal online.


This book contains a wealth of information and suggestions for people who are thinking about starting a dog walking or dog boarding business, based on the author’s experiences.

It was in 1990 when I was just out of high school and trying to find a job, when I saw an add in a local paper: “Responsible boy, girl or adult to take two large (but friendly) sheepdogs for a walk in the late afternoon Monday to Friday. I met the sheepdogs on a Friday and started on Monday. In 1992, I stopped trying to maintain “dead end” part-time jobs and started focusing on the dogwalking. By the year 2000, I moved my business to the country and focused on boarding dogs. Since then…

“It was the best thing I could have done for myself. The best part about running your own business of pet care isn’t about being your own boss it’s about being able to work with animals. The stories in this book are all true accounts and they are but a few of the incidents that I have experienced. I would like anyone who thinks they want to do this to know they have to put their heart and soul into it”.

-Dianne Eibner

Contents for “The Face in the Window” Include:
  1. Characteristics of Dogs in a Group
  2. Meeting a New Dog and Client
  3. Establishing Alpha
  4. The Five Second Rule
  5. Poop Scooping
  6. Dogwalking Attire Vs. The Elements
  7. What a Dogwalker’s Car Should Have
  8. What to do if a Dog Goes Missing
  9. Driving Tips
  10. Employer Beware
  11. All in a Day’s Work
  12. Paw-litically Correct Ways of Dogwalking
  13. Going That Extra Mile
  14. Media Relations/Marketing
  15. The Professional Dog Walkers Association International
  16. Cindy and Snow

Contents for “Out, Standing in My Field – A Guide to Home Boarding” include:

1. Way of Life Business
2. Welcome to my Home
3. Feeding Time
4. Real Overnight and Day Care
5. Itinerary for Day and Night
6. Out, Standing in my Field


My professional dog walking company started in 1990. After 9 years of walking dogs for a living in the City, I decided I needed a change of pace but I did not want to leave the dog business all together. Dedicated to caring for dogs, I looked for a house in the country that would suit the business I wanted to create. Since finding the ideal home, I wanted to share my ideas and ways of working with dogs so that others who wanted to do this sort of business would do it right and understand what to expect.

The pet care industry is a growing industry. Many people are choosing to start their own business working with pets. The most popular field of pet care is professional dog walking and dog sitting. This book is a guide on how to be successful at both realms of work. It gives insight on what to expect from the daily routine of professional dog walking, pet sitting and boarding.

There is much more to walking dogs and boarding dogs in your home than one might think. This book will help those thinking of starting a dog walking or dog boarding business by telling them how to do it right. It will also help anyone that may want to foster dogs or live with multiple dogs in their household.

-Dianne Eibner

Dear Dianne,
Hi, our names are Olivia and Michaela. We have read your book several times and we found it quite interesting. We are teenagers right now but not yet 16 so we use our summers to dog walk. Your book has been the best guide. No other book had that kind of experiences in them. You sound like you’re very wise and know a lot so we took your advice on everything and find it works. Your clients are lucky to have you as there professional dog walker. The reason we are emailing you is because we want to thank you for writing the book. It helped us a lot and I’m sure it helped others too. So… THANKS!
Michaela and Olivia!

I just finished your book and I loved it! It was so insightful. I’ve already ordered myself a fishing vest for my future endeavour as a dogwalker. There were so many practical and commonsensical ideas in your book, I had so many eureka moments (of course, of course, why didn’t I think of that?!)
Your book (forgive the pun) is dog-eared and highlighted all over. I will have to read it again. I can’t wait to emulate your life.
My love for my two bichons dominates my life. So too, my love for animals, esp dogs. They have inspired this new direction in my life.
Iza Fernandez
Toronto, Ont.

Thanks so much for the information on the insurance and a lead on who to speak to.
I also received and read your book. I found the information very useful. Your path in life reflects how I would like to proceed – I even lived in the Beaches at one time!
All the best to you,
Dee Lynn
Ottawa, Ont.

50 Plus Senior News, “The Pet Paws”, With Marilyn Wilson, New York
“…Ms. Eibner describes all the plusses, the negatives, the how-to of dog walking, home boarding, day-care, and night-care…”
“…This book can serve as a sound and sensible guide for any type of pet care business… …After 16 years in the business she has come across just about every possibility and has it covered…”
“…This book really takes the guesswork out of starting a pet-care business…”
“…Ms. Eibner, I feel after reading her book, is one of those special souls who has an unusual connection to animals. True, she has attended dog behaviour and training workshops, but I feel she has a lot of animal knowledge that is almost instinctive. She is one of those special people who seems to be able to “talk” dog…” Click here to read the whole review

I got your book in the mail this morning and couldn’t put it down – read it cover to cover. You gave such valuable information in such a humourous and touching way – THANK YOU. It has and will help me very much in starting my own dog walking business.
Angie-Zylak Shaw.

Dear Dianne,
Thank you very much for send me your book, “Guide to Professional Dog Walking”. The book was everything I hoped it to be, plus more. I just received it today and have already completed the book. It was just too darn hard to put down, although I had to a few times, since I was at work.
I found your book to be very informative, seeing as I would like to start my own business, especially the parts regarding the public making false accusations and the police event. I guess people are jealous since you have a job doing what you love! I had to hold back the tears while reading about Cindy and Snow, which unfortunately is inevitable, but we all try not to think about the day our beloved companions will leave us.
I now have a greater perception and understanding of what this profession entails, which has helped me in sa tremendous way. Thank you again, your book was very entertaining!
Yours truly,
April Demerah.

Hi Dianne,
I picked up your book last night and read most of it. VERY GOOD!!! Excellent, useful information for a beginner. Tough job though, huh? Especially for YOU in the winter. Cold Canada, but then again, NJ ain’t too warm in January either. I have a Nissan Quest mini- van and I took out the middle seat for my dog. That should be enough space for a few more pooches!
And you say that you work even if you’re sick. Good idea about getting help at the park while you ” sneeze ” ;)…….. One problem here in my county in NJ is off leash dog parks. They just opened one last week. 17.5 miles from my house though. It’s $10.00 a year to take your dog there. Maximum 2 dogs per visit. I gotta figure out how to handle this problem. Because I’d really like to let my customers’ dogs off leash if they’re able, not just walk them ON leash… Hmmmmmm….. I’ll think of something!
Thanks again,
New Jersey

Your book arrived at 8am yesterday morning and I took it upstairs and spent three hours in bed sandwiched between two dogs and my seven year old son. The 13yr is too cool for cuddles. I loved it, related to so much of it and learned stuff too.
Fiona Mackenzie
England, UK