Getting Accredited

Details of Required Credentials:

Licensed business in your country:

You need to be a tax paying business owner with a stake in the current affairs of your community. In order to ensure that you are a responsible walker, and care about the community you serve, this is required.

An insurance policy and/or dishonesty bond:

This is an essential tool for the dog walker to protect you and your clients from accidents, loss, damage, etc. Please  contact us  for  more info on the recommended Insurance Policy.

Walk a Limit of 6 dogs per person.

Many cities have a limit on the number of dogs a person can walk.  You must pledge to walk the maximum of whatever your city allows but no more than 6.

2 letters of recommendation:

These letters are essential as they allow your personal strengths, talents and skills to shine as a dog-person becoming an established walker. Take a course with a trainer or speak to another established professional dog walker. If you have a respected Professional as a resource, you will have a much easier time of selecting those people you would like to write your letters.

Code of Conduct and Ethics:

By signing the contract to adhere to a code of conduct and ethics, you are putting your professional reputation on a higher level that affords respect in the community and among peers. It assures that you are dedicated to the betterment of the industry of Professional Dog Walking as your career. Please read the Code of Conduct and Ethics here.  

Pet First Aid Certificate:

For pet first aid in the United States, contact the Red Cross or ASPCA.
Here is a helpful link:

For pet first aid in the Toronto, Ontario area, contact


Pet Dog Training and Course:

For a trainer in the United States contact the International Association of Canine Professionals at  or by phone at 407-469-2008.
The website address is


Offered only in the City of Toronto, for more details on Pet Dog Training course dates please contact Dorothy Avery at Mother Knows Best    email:  or call her at (416)421-6019


Contact the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers for a list of dog trainers across Canada.

Contact the International Association of Canine Professionals for a list of dog trainers across the United States.

Volunteering at a Shelter:

This is an excellent way to gain experience while helping out in your community and establishing new relationships for networking. It will also help you learn the value of commitment.  If you are unable to show proof of completing a training course, proof of volunteering is acceptable.


Professional Dog Walker’s Mission Statement:

“To enhance the quality of care given to the clients of Professional Dog Walkers and to uphold our professional image through the Code of Conduct, Ethics and Certification Program.” 

In no way may the Certification of the Professional Dog Walkers Association be duplicated by anyone claiming to have a certification program. If any information is seen to be duplicated and or copied from the PDWAI certification Course/Outline legal action may be taken. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2015  Professional Dog Walkers Canada.